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Noninvasive Glucose Monitor : ESERDIGITAL



Frequently Asked Questions about Health-Care Computer


Q: When will the device be ready to commercialization?
A: Health-Care Computer is now CE Mark approved since May, 2014, CCC Mark approved since Sep 2014, FCC Mark approved since May 2014, EMC Mark approved (since May 2014), Intertek Mark and SAA Approval, now the products are in mass-production.


Q: Where can I buy Health-Care Computer?
A: Health-Care Computer is available for sale, please feel free to contact us.


Q: What makes Health-Care Computer unique?
A: Health-Care Computer is a truly non-invasive blood glucose monitor. This product integrates 23 sensors for signal collection and data input to processing circuit for signal conversion and amplification, calculate the values of parameters via inside via microprocessor. This means, it does not require diabetics to prick or stab their fingertips to draw blood for measurements.
Health-Care Computer will never need to add additional cost to the finger clip.


Q: How does Health-Care Computer work?
A: Health-Care Computer performs nine(9) independent measurements simultaneously, which base on the method of metabolic heat conformation (MHC) by radiation, convection and evaporation with electromagnetic technologies. The results are weighted, using a patented, unique algorithm to provide a reading which is displayed on a color touch screen of the device by large, clear digits. The result is announced verbally as well, allowing visually impaired users using the device as easy., For detail, please refer to :


Q: How many user can be supported in a devise?
A: The Main Unit (MU) of the Health-Care Computer supports up to Nine (9) different users on a single device. It is required 10-min later for next user. In order to distinguish between different user, to avoid confusion, each user have to key-in pass word into the process, and keep the record and history for each user as well.


Q: How frequently does Health-Care Computer require calibration?
A: The Health-Care Computer is always no need to change finger clip.


Q: Does Health-Care Computer theory have patent?
A: Yes, The Article : Non-Invasive Glucose Measurement by Use of Metabolic Heat Conformation Method ISSN : 1424-8220 had been launch at Aug-2008. 2011 June CN102293654B [Based on metabolic heat – optical method for noninvasive blood glucose monitoring device] apply pattern, Region : China and EU. Pattern approve and public at 2014 June.


Q: Is it possible to download data (measurements history) from Health-Care Computer to my computer or another digital storage device?
A: Health-Care Computer, the basic function is a Tablet PC, the result will be save in the system, user can review the his/her own record/history and analysis after run down measurement process.


Q: I need to measure my blood glucose level four or five times each day. How long does it take, and how difficult is the measurement procedure?
A: Health-Care Computer is an user friendly facility, New user just need to load-in personal information in the first time, setup & save your own pass word then can start to run the program, unique finger clip is the interface between machine and you, the process take 60-sec run down then will show the final result on the screen every time. During run process, you can see the process show on the screen. User can review the daily or month data, also chart by daily or month as well.


Q: Are there any disposable materials, such as test strips I will need to purchase while I using Health-Care Computer?
A: Will Never need it.


Q: How many language Health-Care Computer support ?
A: 2 parts of Health-Care Computer: OS Android as Tablet with multi Languages, monitor system current support English, Tradition Chinese and Simple Chinese.

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