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Noninvasive Glucose Monitor : ESERDIGITAL



ESER was established in 2002, has been dedicated to the industrial design and development of innovative integrated high-tech products.  Its philosophy is to create high technology, solutions to meet the needs of tomorrow in the competitive market of consumer electronics and leading edge technology.


  With the background of the Academy of Art & Design , Tsinghua University(Central Arts & Crafts Academy in the past), ESER has strong industrial design team of the highest level within the country; among which, Yang Lin Industrial Design Research Studio of the Academy of Art & Design , Tsinghua University and Beijing ESER Creative Industrial Design Co., Ltd. have been committed to theoretical research, academic communications, social activities and educational training of industrial design, and also the industrial design-oriented product design and development research; Shenzhen ESER Industrial Design Co., Ltd. and Dongguan ESER Industrial supply chain management platform have mainly been committed to technology development, market demands, product definition and planning, integration of technological resources, and also the whole industrial chain services including realizing of product design, project management, product introduction, quality control and customer service.


  As council members of China Industrial Design Association, ESER has kept close communication and cooperation with Bejing Industrial Design Center, Shenzhen Industrial design Association, Academy of Art &Design, Tsinghua University and several well-know industrial design companies worldwide. Over many years products designed and developed by ESER have received many industry awards and recognized within its market sector achieving the China Industrial Design Top Ten Service Organizations; Bejing strategy-extensive investigation involving indepth consumer and market research, competitor analysis, market potential, design concepts such as convenience, practicability and appreciation.


  The Core of the company is a strong management structure that has years of experience, knowledge, product planning, design creativity and skills in manufacturing including implementation to production control.

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